Save up with our new program created for business owners in Sunny Beach

“M-BUS” LTD. just started a new campaing directed to business owners based in Sunny Beach and their emplyees. Based on our internal information we are giving a chance to all working in tourist complex Sunny Beach to use discounted prices for their monthly subscription cards of their employees.

In example:

Notice: These discounts are applying only with signed contract with our company.

In case the demand of subscription cards is more than 10 pieces we are also ready to provide a personal coach for our future partners and their needs. In all cases buses will start their journey from complex Meden Rudnik in the City of Burgas (or another point of the city if requested). If the chosen option is the personal coach the price for it will be calculated depending on the starting point, chosen bus stops on the way, route length and bus size.

As always we will leave the flexibility of our campaing and our partners will be able to combine their coaches with other business owners so they can minimize their expenses even further.